Privacy Policy

A value comes with the secure information provided to various customers during searching, gaining, and reading the privacy policy. When you achieve details and intimations related to flight booking services and some travel products at TravoTips, prefer to accept the term of policy indicating a statement for collecting the data on the official website. When you access this platform and associated services for collecting, using, and disclosing data, you have to accept the privacy that helps you show excellent results for your genuine personal information at a particular time. We are authorized to use your personal information for our business objectives and can share your details on other websites that keep our business on track.

Purpose of the Privacy Policy:

When you need to collect certain information related to travel and other product-related services, you can cover it simply by sharing your personal information with us at TravoTips. It respects your need to understand how and why certain information is collected, used, disclosed, transferred, and stored on our official website.

  • You must accept privacy if you want to collect information about travel products and services and look for specific information regarding your queries.
  • Make sure you are performing the digital activity on our official website, where you can protect your data, and from time to time, it can change, but you will not get the information about that.
  • It implies that we always prefer changing every detail over time, and you can’t oppose it for a particular statement you have to share with us before visiting our website.
  • Collecting detailed information about a privacy policy you share with another person after landing on our website would be necessary.
  • We continuously scrutinize the activity you certainly do on our website, and we have complete data to distribute the service to other travel websites for some particular tasks.

We define the controller and processor of personal data:

It would be essential to select the controller for a person who always prefers to avoid the determined purpose and another service you can share in various ways. Suppose you are willing to get complete guidance and help from this website. In that case, you must register using your user ID, password, user name, and other personal information that you can share with us when you become a member of our website. So, a process is a natural or legal person, public authority, agency, or other body which processes personal data on behalf of the controller. Suppose you are noticing our website and looking for specific information for the other website. In that case, you can find important information related to travel services and their products that you can find on the booking website.

Type of the personal data we collect:

You have to share your data before visiting the TravoTips website, where you can search your genuine information to secure your booking for a longer time. It means that when you get in touch with the customer representative team to ask for the products, services, bookings, modifications, and flight cancellations, it would be necessary to accept the policy and go through the deals you can find on the booking website. Become a member of the TravoTips and gain valuable details to suit your flight-related service. During this process, we always collect several types of personal information that you can find on this official website.

  • You probably asked for personal data anytime you contract with TravoTip directly and indirectly through any third party.
  • We always prefer to collect, use, and share aggregated data such as statistical or demographic data for any purpose.
  • Your data may be calculated in the percentage of users who access the website and share their specific information.
  • You can share your detailed information related to payment information using various modes like debit or credit card, internet banking, and other resources that you use during payment.
  • We don’t select any personal category data about your using this website like race or ethnicity, religious or philosophical beliefs, sex life, information about your health, sexual orientation, political opinions, trade union membership and genetic and biometric data, data on or about children and so on.
  • We always prefer to collect the data for our business, and you have to give polite consent to use the personal data according to our privacy and policy.

Cookies and other technologies:

We always prefer to receive personal data that you share with our website and browse actions and patterns to use. When you accept the cookies, it will help you to search for your required things without facing any trouble. You can use server logs and similar technologies that you can share, and we will provide you with essential information to check the correct details on the website. Privacy policy instructs you to accept the cookies on the website that you can find in a small line on the website suitably. After accepting it, it will help you show the correct page, and you can fulfill the requirement while browsing our website on your particular device.

Your rights and choices:

When you wish to access the TravoTips website, you can exercise your data protection rights in various ways. It would be essential to opt out of marketing just by clicking the unsubscribe link that you can find on the email account. If you have visited the website, you can click on the privacy statement that allows you to choose more information about the option and data protection rights and choices available for you to get support at any tie. You have the right not to share your personal information when you don’t wish to subscribe to the website. You can check the booking details, flight changes, and another service that helps you verify your account for making any changes at a certain suitably.

Services providers and suppliers:

We always provide the best travel service, find the best products, and gain decent facilities to make your search and service at the right time. It could be possible to share personal information with the end service providers like airlines, hotels, visa consulates, bus service providers, cab rental, railways, or any other suppliers responsible for fulfilling your booking. You can note that while making a booking with TravoTrip, you authorize us and consent to share your information with the said service providers and suppliers. It is pertinent to note that TravoTrip Travel does not authorize the end service provider to use your information for any other purposes except for fulfilling their part of the service.

Further information:

If you want to complain about data retention and protection service, changing the policy, or any other information you want to gather, contact our customer representative team to assist you at any time. You are always free to contact the best brilliant customer representative to assist you at the right time.

Disclaimer: is an independent travel agency with no third-party association. The content, trademark, logo, or any brand name used on this website is only for information purposes, there is no direct or indirect relationship with the TravoTips. Using, you agree that TravoTips are not accountable for any loss - directly or indirectly arising from the links of offers, materials, or other sites found on this website. If you have any questions or need additional information, you can directly contact our email or phone number.